For ₱69,995 you can get a 60cm Smeg Concert range cooker with a 4-burner gas hob and an electric oven. The price tag varies with the different models and the other options are the 60cm 4-zone induction hob, 90cm 5-burner gas hob, and 90cm 5-zone induction hob.


The Concert range cooker is worth every peso, it is backed by over seven decades of Italian expertise. As a brand, Smeg is reputed to combine style and technology, this trademark is reflected in the modern, industrial look and multiple features of the Concert range cooker. And its robust build is a guarantee that you will reap returns from this piece of kitchen appliance for many years.


5 Induction Zones with Power Booster


Powerful hob


Performance-wise, the Smeg Concert range cooker always receives a round of applause from users. Its induction hob has power boosters that enable the zones to reach extremely high settings rapidly. This is exactly what you need when you’re in a rush and don’t have much time to whip up a meal or even boil water, which is pretty much the norm these days.  Its sleek, flat glass surface and digital touch controls make it a delight to look at and a pleasure to use.



Similarly made for convenience is the gas hob, which operates with automatic electric ignition that only needs a push and turn of the knobs to switch on. To maximize heat distribution from the flame to the cooking vessels and efficient transfer to food being cooked, the 5-burner gas hob comes with a cast iron pan stand and cast iron wok support that can withstand higher heat temperature and remains hot longer.


Efficient oven 


All available models of the Smeg Concert range cooker are equipped with an oven that runs on electricity. Its capacity can extend to as much as 115 liters for the 90cm variants. Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy six to eight special cooking functions which aid you in different ways. One eliminates the need for preheating, another makes adjustments when cooking small quantities, among others. 


The 60cm variants have fan-assisted ovens. That means it has two heating elements, one in the roof and one in the base, with an additional fan in the rear. This makes it possible to use all the oven shelves at once, without the flavors and odors of different dishes intermingling. 



The 90cm models are equipped with thermo-ventilated ovens. A ceramic blanket ensures that during cooking no hot air leaves and no cool air enters, so the air you start cooking with is the air you end with. This is the secret behind perfectly-controlled and faster cooking which results in tastier meals, juicier meat, and even baking. Precision cooking translates to less food ending up in the trash can and more savings. 


Safe to use


In terms of safety features, the Smeg Concert range cooker is not wanting. 


The gas hob is fitted with safety valves that keep the flow of gas in check, ensuring it terminates when the hob is not in use. The induction hob automatically switches off when it reaches the maximum temperature to avoid overheating. The 90cm variant has a residual heat indicator that warns against touching the cooking zones while still hot so burns can be avoided.


As for the oven, there is the tangential cooling system which keeps the sides and the door of the cooker cool, it continues to function even when the oven is switched off to ensure that accumulated heat is released faster. Aside from being a safety feature, it also contributes to the longer lifespan of the appliance. And together with excellent cavity insulation and the multiple-layered heat-reflective glass, it keeps the outer surface of the oven door cool, making the cooker always safe to operate and touch from the outside. This cool door technology also allows you to stand in front of the cooker for as long as you want and use the hob even while the oven is running. It provides peace of mind too, if you have curious toddlers walking around getting their hands on everything within reach.




Easy to clean


Even after you’re done cooking, the Smeg Concert range cooker continues to serve you. Through its Vapor Clean function, cleaning is effortless. All you have to do is pour a small amount of water into the groove in the oven cavity to generate steam, this then helps lift burnt-on spillages and food residue inside the oven. No need for chemical additives so not only is tidying up simple and easy, it is eco-friendly too.


Order your Smeg Concert Range Cooker from the Smeg Experience Center at Park Terraces in Makati or Design Center in Mandaue, or online at For inquiries, message the Smeg concierge at or @smegphilippines on Instagram and @smegph on Facebook.